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My Most Meaningful Work As a Domestic Violence Survivor

I can't believe it's already the last day of April. How has it been for you? For me, a major highlight was getting to work with a Chicago-based nonprofit called KAN-WIN in a meaningful way.

Just one week ago, I was the Keynote Speaker of its 31st gala. It also happened to be the organization's first virtual gala due to COVID-19. I spoke about my current status as a Domestic Violence Survivor and as a Storyteller. I created a couple of videos to show during the special event, one which featured messages of hope and another that told the stories of a couple of fellow DV Survivors that KAN-WIN has helped.

When I started my storytelling journey to empower other Survivors and their loved ones last summer, this was exactly the type of partnership that I had envisioned. And it was so fulfilling to use my skills in this unique way.

I'll share the two videos I made when it gets published. In the meanwhile, here is a photo from behind-the-scenes on gala day. My husband Matty held my speech notes by the camera during the gala, and his presence helped me to feel less alone while sharing my stories. He took some time off of work this month to celebrate his birthday, and he chose to spend the majority of his free time supporting me as I worked to empower others.

If you're reading this and are a fellow Survivor, please know that life after domestic violence can look like this - free from abuse and filled with hope and love.




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