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IN THE NEWS: Stars Gather To Support Domestic Violence Supporters

As a domestic violence survivor, it's difficult for me to turn on the news because I often get triggered when I see stories about violence. Living in the Los Angeles area, my go-to local programming is California Live. It's a lifestyle show that focuses on more positive narratives. And on this particular day, I was so happy to watch a segment about celebrities getting together to raise awareness of domestic violence.

This video takes place at the annual gala for Face Forward, an organization that provides physical and emotional treatment to survivors of domestic abuse. LaToya Jackson, sister of the late Michael Jackson, is also a survivor of domestic violence, and she served as the Mistress of Ceremonies. Other celebrities in attendance included CeeLo Green and Caitlyn Jenner.

Correspondent Kim Caldwell-Harvey (from American Idol) also spoke with a survivor named Dan Matakayia, who received full medical sponsorship by Face Forward. This article from The Star explains that in 2013 Matakayia's wife poured sulfuric acid solution on his face while he was sleeping, causing him to lose his eyesight. The former police officer believed his wife also tried to electrocute him. Matakayia had to endure multiple surgeries ever since that assault and even contemplated suicide during his darkest hours. But today, he seems to in a much better place, and I admire his dedication to help other male survivors of domestic violence by starting the Dan Shieshie Foundation.


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