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IN THE NEWS: Ring Doorbell Catches Domestic Violence Incident

A friend let me know about this today- according to KTLA, a man now faces multiple charges including attempted murder, kidnapping, and false imprisonment after a Ring doorbell camera captured him violently assaulting his estranged ex-girlfriend in Arcadia.

The report above from CBS Los Angeles includes the footage provided by It's difficult for me to watch, but the man drags his ex by her hair late Sunday night in Arcadia. The Pasadena Star News reports that she was kidnapped for 16 hours inside her abuser's home. Police said she suffered serious injuries.

I'm so glad to hear that Ring's video helped a domestic violence offender to be accountable to this actions. I often wonder what could've happened had similar cameras existed at the location where I too was physically assaulted years ago. Unfortunately, my offender never spent a night in jail, but I think footage like this could've changed his fate.

While my past is in the past, I applaud companies such as Ring for providing resources to victims of crime as well as to law enforcement agencies. I hope more survivors of domestic violence can receive the justice they deserve as a result of such advanced technology.


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