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IN THE NEWS: Domestic Violence and Gun Control

I came across an interesting New York Times article that linked gun ownership to domestic violence. It reads in part, "A new study has found that a higher rate of firearm ownership is associated with a higher rate of domestic violence homicide in the United States, but that the same does not hold true for other types of gun homicide."

The study also concluded that states with the highest rate of firearm ownership had a 65% higher rate of domestic violence homicide than states with lower rates of ownership. You can read the study results in depth via the American Journal of Preventive Medicine's website.

If you're curious about each state's gun ownership rate, CBS News created this helpful slideshow.

Gun ownership was a foreign concept to me while I was growing up in Southern California. But after working as a broadcast journalist in Arizona, Florida and Texas I've learned a lot more about this issue and have met people supporting both sides.

I find this new study to be quite disturbing, and I hope those who regulate our gun control laws take this into consideration.


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