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Kimbop TV partners with AAA Westways to give viewers a food tour of Koreatown L.A.

NBC News Reporter Reel

I created Kimbop TV so that I can continue making reporter-style videos. I love telling human interest and travel-related stories.


As an online storyteller, every interaction is important to me. So if you enjoy my videos, please consider supporting me on any of these platforms! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedInPatreon, Twitter and YouTube,

It's my first time in Barcelona, Spain and here is what I did!


I learned about Antoni Gaudi and marveled at his works including the most visited monument in Spain called Sagrada Familia.


I also went up to Montserrat Monastery, strolled down La Rambla, drank a beer at McDonald's, and tried as many tapas as I could.

Madrid is where I spent the most time, and it's also where we celebrated my birthday.


These are just some of the places we visited, and I hope you get a chance to experience them too the next time you're in this part of the world!

Two cities in one day - here is my recap of San Sebastian and Bilbao, both a part of the Basque Country in Spain.

I'm so excited to share this travel vlog with you! Santander is one of my favorite cities in Spain, and here are some highlights from my recent visit. I truly hope you can taste the flavors as you join me on my adventure. :)

Let's explore the beautiful region of Asturias. It's a place that is rich in both culture and history.


This is where I learned to properly pour a glass of cider (sidra), explored a holy cave that looked like it just popped out of a storybook, and walked on a centuries-old Roman bridge that led me to a breathtaking view of a quaint little town.

We continue our Northern Spain tour, passing through a couple of beautiful seaside towns in Asturias and entering the region of Galicia.


Our final destination is Santiago de Compostela, one of the most important pilgrimage destinations as well as a place that is rich in Celtic culture.

What a fun experience! From being guided by a passionate docent to enjoying craft beer, delicious pizza and live music with the locals to getting a tour of the Anderson family offices by David Anderson, I had a wonderful time at this unique spot in Rockford, Illinois.

New York City is a place I longed to call home. Although I never got the opportunity to do so (yet!), I got to play tour guide and introduce this beautiful city to my husband. Some of our highlights from this travel vlog - Statue of Liberty, Prince Street Pizza, The Last Three Sculpture, and Wicked the Musical.

Meet the cutest little boy with so many questions!


Author Eunice Kang and Illustrator Jane Yu introduce "Mama, What If?" to young readers and their parents.


They encourage kids to stay curious and parents to continue fostering their children's imaginations. "Mama, What If" is the first of a "Mama and Me" book series. 

Kevin Click led thousands of people in worship every week at Calvary Chapel South Bay (CCSB).


But after almost 20 years of service, he said his heart grew exhausted.


He walked away from his position in October 2016 and shares his experience of life after CCSB exclusively with Kimbop TV.

This week I bring you a very personal story. One of my friends lost his dad to younger-onset Alzheimer's, which according to the Alzheimer's Association only about 200,000 Americans have. Imagine being in your 40s and getting this diagnosis. That's exactly what happened to Dave Hamada. His wife Michelle and their youngest son Cory share their experience of caring for Dave. 

Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF)

I am a a Survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. I dedicated one year to serve CPAF as its Community Engagement Manager. I partnered with NBC Asian America to share my personal story to help raise awareness about this issue.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

These are some of my favorite reports during my time at NBC 5.

NBC Phoenix

I received an Emmy-Nomination for covering this North Korean Refugee story:

I also shared this personal story about growing up as an Asian American.

Below you can read my B1 article for The Arizona Republic:

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