Hi.. I'm so glad you're here.

This is a safe place where you can find help and encouragement.

If you're a domestic violence survivor, I'm so relieved to know that you're moving on to a more positive chapter of your life. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I went through it, and you can too.


If you're a family member or a friend looking for ways to help your loved one, thank you for being that special person he/she needs during this difficult time. I couldn't have survived my experience if it wasn't for my support system of family and friends from across the country.

You can learn more about my story here, and I encourage you to sign up for my newsletters if you want blogs/resources emailed to you.

I'm in the process of transforming this website into a place that can best serve you, so please don't hesitate to send me your ideas, questions and thoughts regarding this sensitive but important topic.

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